Midtown Medspa


  • Design
  • Developer


  • Adnorml


  • 2016

Re-inventing a stagnant assumption from the ground up...well from the screen up.

The Problem

This medspa has prime real estate location, great amount of foot traffic but wasn't reflecting it in sales. So we needed to dust the cob webs off and bring them into the 21st century. (really they needed a new website)


We came up with several persona variations based on the business location and demographics of that area. Our typical user characteristics were young to middle aged biz execs and travels of the sort, follows the latest fashion trends. To reach this audience and increase conversions, we tailored packages to specific profile types across social media channels.

Seamless experience

By using image revealing techniques we were able to achieve what feels like a seamless transition between pages so there is little room for user confusion.

Primitive observations

Early explorations of the initial landing page. After trying different combinations of serif & sans-serif for titles & body copy. Typography influced the final decision to run with prodominately light colored photography that offers maximum legibility across devices.