• Design
  • Direction


  • Adnorml


  • 2016

Design a cutting-edge, engineer attracting oil & gas platform.

An international client with headquarters in Houston, tasked with making them look like the most advanced and cutting edge machinery out there. Starting with user personas we mapped out a solid user flow that allowed us to design quick iterations and change fast to accomodate requests and feedback.

Being influenced by european architecture types and abstract photography, I found a nice abstracted view of their logo. This would further instill the companies new look and feel of their brand.

Technical influence

Visually accomplished, we integrated the use of gyroscopes & mouse positions to bring the pieces to life, adding that cutting-edge feel. To further inforce the tech aspect, we added a glitch-like animations to the typography.

Early designs

A few of the various ideas for incorporating abstract views of the clients logo. As you can see the structure of the design did not fluctuate much. For the concept to work there were limitations to how elements needed to be laid out.